Tuesday, August 16, 2011

where have i been?!

no worries loves.. i'm back! it's been a busy time these past few weeks. here's a glimpse of what i've been up to!

USA vs. Mexico soccer game with some of my best friends

our hair helps us get on tv :)

pool time with a puppy :)


out for a night of thai food & dancing!

i live such a good life. sometimes i forget that people lose their best friends through not keeping in touch or leaving college. but i'm happy to say that since i graduated in december 2008, my friends and i have only gotten closer. some of us started being friends after college! i'm noticing that's a rare thing and i feel blessed to have these specific people in my life. i know God has placed them here with me for a reason.

besides friends & soccer.. i've been planning lots of things for the next couple of months! september & october are always really busy for me. between multiple birthdays, a good friend's wedding, and lots happening at church, i am going to be one crazy chick! hopefully in the best possible way :)

ciao! xo

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