Monday, August 29, 2011

music monday!

i've discovered some pretty good stuff in the past few days.. enjoy!

tennis - this guy/girl duo is so beachy fun with an old-school sound, and GOOD. i'm currently obsessed with them. they wrote their record while out to sea! and one of the songs is named "baltimore." what's not to love? listen to "marathon," though, it's my favorite so far.

clarensau - a three-person band with good acoustics and lots of passion & expression. i liked them immediately. and they have a girl, which i'm always a fan of :)

graham colton - one guy with a feel for good lyrics and some nice acoustic lovin'.

kyler england - i'm sure i've written about her before, but her cover of The Script's "breakeven" makes her worth mentioning twice.

blitzen trapper - a big group of guys with a folk sound.. they're fun all around. i really adore them.

happy listening! xo

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