Saturday, August 27, 2011

hurricane time!

hey everyone! if you're in the path of Hurricane Irene this weekend, just be safe, be prepared to lose your power, and have a lot of in-the-dark activities planned :) i don't think my power will go out, but if it does, here's what i'm thinking:

1. making hurricanes (the cocktail) since i won't be leaving the house
2. playing lots of guitar & writing new music
3. reading by flashlight
4. reading by candles when the flashlight batteries go out
5. sleeping
6. doing yoga.. lots of it
7. eating everything in my fridge before it goes bad
8. praying my house doesn't start flooding
9. being thankful for a roof
10. having an extreme amount of down time

i don't think it will hit my area too badly, just a lot of rain and wind. the power is what i'm most worried about but i doubt there will be any kind of destruction. i do have a large tree outside my window that usually hangs over my parking spaces, so you can bet i will be moving Sangria to another spot!

enjoy hurricaning and be safe! xo

[images via google images.]

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