Sunday, July 24, 2011

long time, no speak.

it's been a while! but what i lack in daily posting, i make up in fun pictures of my life :) here's what i've been up to...
baby alayna in her 4th of july dress <3

ocean city sunset

bad happenings on the way to OC.. my friend's car :(

lovely birthday card from my coworkers

genius birthday sign made by my best friend <3

bestie/roomie and i getting ready for a wedding

our dear friends are married!!
the congressional country club in DC where they had the reception...

you know, the place where they held the U.S. Open...

no big deal :)

making the best sangria

melted chocolate and strawberries.. plus The Bachelorette :)

so that's what's been happening with me.. how about you?


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