Sunday, April 10, 2011

the weekend of william fitz & slow runner.

if you've been following my blog for a couple months, then you know how into mr. william fitzsimmons i am. i talk about him repeatedly, because i love his music and who he is.

let's start with thursday. i had tickets to william's show for me and my friend larissa at a close venue. william's band, slow runner, was the opener and then played backup for him. we really enjoyed their music as well, and after the show we chatted with josh, the drummer. i asked where they were moving on to after this, and he said jammin java in VA, which is only about 40 minutes from us. he encouraged us to come see them again if we could, and after very little debate (it wasn't a hard decision haha), larissa and i got ourselves a couple of names on the list. then we chatted with william and he was excited to have us come back as well.

move on to friday. larissa and i are exhausted from the late show and having to get up early, but obviously it was worth it. then we mini-roadtrip it to VA for the show. we get in on the list (sweet) and hang out with josh and their manager andy while they're having dinner. the show was awesome, the best night in my opinion. after the show we hung out and i had a lovely talk with william about musical things.. meanwhile, larissa and josh got involved in a very intense game of donkey kong on the arcade machines. oh, and johnny, the bass/electric/banjo/mandolin guy, decided to wear a speedo at one point in the show. that man cracks me up. he's so weird (in the best possible way).

when we were getting ready to leave, josh suggested that we come back again seeing as they were going to be at jammin two nights in a row. we really didn't think we would at first, but we didn't have any concrete plans for saturday night, so we said we'd let him know so he could put us on the list (again). of course it didn't take long to make that choice either. and i sent josh a message putting my two cents in about a particular song i wanted to hear after listening to their newest album the whole way through, which he obliged.. so that was nice of them. we got to jammin early that night and decided to sit up front so we could really enjoy listening to our new friends. and it was so great to hear them one more time. we love love love their music (please check them out!) after the show johnny was bartending in a skintight spandex wrestling uniform (not sure if that was even legal haha) and we played another round of donkey kong with josh. they had to tear all their stuff down quickly because apparently it was DJ night at jammin, so when they started spinning we had a little dance party. mostly with andy while the guys were busy loading up the van haha we hung out and had a couple beers, laughs and pictures in the green room with them before they took off.

overall, this is the best weekend i've had in an insanely long time. it was so great from a musician perspective to chat with these guys and talk shop. my friends know that i'm not a girl who goes to shows and is like, "omg! i got to meet famous people!" haha not my style. trust me, they don't want to be idolized. and these guys were so chill it was easy to talk to them. i have no idea why they took an interest in us and wanted us to come back all three nights and spend time with us, but larissa and i were so happy to be with them. and we can't wait til they come back.

the guys doing their thing.

us & the boys of slow runner. love them.

us & william. he's brilliant.

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