Monday, March 14, 2011

westboro baptist church.

A week or so ago, there was a big uproar about legislation passed to allow WBC to continue to picket funerals of military deceased. Along with that came live questions and answers by Anthony Karen, a correspondent who visited members of WBC in their homes and community. Based on their answers, I wanted to put my two cents in about their views of the Christian faith.

(From a live news feed by Anthony Karen, where people can ask questions about WBC and have him answer from his recent experience with them.


Did you ask anyone you met from the church how they can consider themselves part of a church that has nothing to do with God and God's teachings? Did anyone of the church explain how they can bring themselves to use the word 'hate' with God?


"No man is without sin… everyone is a sinner. The difference between the reprobate and the elect is that if you are one of God’s elect and have received the gift of grace you will also receive the gift of repentance, therefore you are a penitent sinner and the Lord gives you a way to get out of that sin that so easily besets you. If you are a reprobate, the Lord will pickle you in that sin and blind your eyes and stop up your ears and harden your heart so you will never have a means to escape."

God will NEVER close the door to the option of anyone receiving his love. even if someone is an atheist until they are on their deathbed, they still have an opportunity to be saved and go to heaven (luke 23:43). God still loves sinners.. He died for everyone in the world regardless of who they are and how they live. That's where free will comes in.. it is every individual's choice to love or hate God. He knows that, yet He still has the ability to reach those who don't love Him. It is completely inaccurate that he will "blind your eyes... so you will never have a means to escape." God does not imprison anyone. Furthermore, EVERYONE is entitled to the gift of God's grace. He doesn't hand it out to the "elect." He hands it out freely for everyone to accept if they choose to. That's the beauty of Jesus' death.. Grace is something you don't have to work for or become a perfect person for, OR be appointed to have.

Also, the Bible preaches truth in LOVE... something WBC clearly does not understand. We aren't supposed to be going around judging, condemning, hating, and terrorizing anyone who isn't a Christian. We are supposed to be loving them as PEOPLE, regardless of what they believe. The atheist is my sister just as much as someone from my church. The goodness of God will completely hit a wall and be blocked if people continue to rant against non-Christians. What you believe is your own free will, and it is not up to me, the members of WBC, or any other individual on this earth to force anyone to believe that Christianity is truth. Note the word "FORCE." I do believe that Jesus is real, that He is the way, the truth, and the life, and that the Bible is true. I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sins of the world and that everyone who believes in Him will have everlasting life. I believe that the ONLY way to get to heaven is not by any type of works, but by simply believing that Jesus died on the cross to save me and following Him and the Bible as much as I possibly can while I am on this earth. Salvation in Jesus will not be spread by hatred and condemnation, but by a good example set by His followers.


Do they believe they are going to hell with the rest of America? Or do they believe they will not because they are spreading the true message?


They aren't sure if they're actually "the elect" or not, that's why they seem to live in fear of God's wrath and are set out to preach His word.

The Bible says absolutely nothing about this concept of "the elect" or certain individuals being appointed to go to heaven. The Bible does say to preach the word, but do it in a loving manner, which WBC fails at.

I just pray that people aren't turned away from Jesus because of what WBC is doing. His glory was never meant to be portrayed like this. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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