Saturday, January 22, 2011

oh hey, saturday.

i love my weekends. mostly because i don't work fridays and that gives me so much freedom to do things on my own time. well, except for yesterday.. i went to the gym a little later than usual, so i was running late to meet a friend for lunch. and on the way out the door i broke something and had to clean up glass. the whole day went nonstop and i'm tired, but the majority of it was spent with amazing friends and girl's night. so good.

so on to saturday.. lunch with yet another friend, testing out my kiehls products that i just got in the mail, cleaning my house, maybe running some errands, gym time, and working on my worship set for church tomorrow. oh, and listening to a lot of william fitzsimmons. he's so soothing. and has an incredible way with music.. read this little review:

"Fitzsimmons' third effort, 2008's The Sparrow and the Crow, was a detailed and afflictive retelling of the events surrounding his divorce from his wife of nearly ten years. Written as a personal apology to her, the album is a foreboding but genuine tale of misfortune and a reconciling of the darkest point of his life. It was named iTunes' Best Folk Album of that same year. Following the release of Sparrow, William would take a moratorium from songwriting for over two years."

the sparrow and the crow is such a good album of his. and his bio is just so unique. check it out!

have a happy weekend, xoxo.

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