Sunday, November 14, 2010

days 15 & 16 - living.

heyyy all. time to catch up on the 30 days project, which is definitely turning out to last more than 30 days. but i'm busy.. so what can you do. :) my weekend has been nice and relaxing, with a little bit of stress but nothing i can't handle. some things just can't be explained as to why they're happening, and i'm learning how to deal with that. like my best friend's dad fighting cancer, a good friend going off to war, and my roommate getting her car window smashed in. makes no sense, but things happen. anyway, here are #15 and 16.

day 15:
Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

that would be Jesus and my faith. i have experienced it since the day i was born; my family took me to church every sunday. but i never knew anything about really knowing God. i never read my Bible. i was never taught to have a quiet time. and even when i started college and finally figured it out, i messed up and would occasionally try to live without thinking about God. sometimes i thought i could do it all on my own. but the truth is that i really, truly cannot live without Jesus being in my life. nothing else makes me better.

day 16: Someone or something you definitely could live without.

as for something tangible, i can live without a credit card haha most people find that difficult, but to this day i still haven't gotten one. and don't plan on it in the future unless i really need it for something crazy. if we're talking something non-materialistic, i could live without memories of my past relationships that haven't worked out. i don't like to live in the past, but my heart does. from time to time i find myself re-living the way things used to be, which proves to be senseless and awful. the pain comes back and leaves me feeling badly, and that is definitely worth living without.

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