Thursday, August 26, 2010


1. how do you learn not to be afraid of the simplest things?
2. FaceTime might be a lifesaver.
3. i'm so joyful that some of my guys are living in my college house. take care of my 755 boys! (remember, the fire extinguisher is by the fridge. not in the garage.)
4. the weather is changing and i like when it's no longer burning hot.
5. i love having cookouts at work. during the work day. when i'm supposed to be working.
6. i hand washed my favorite new sweatshirt today. maybe the only time i've actually paid attention to what that little clothes tag says. that's how much i love this piece of clothing.
7. sometimes i wish i still lived with seven other girls.
8. Post-It love is one of my favorite things. i always stick the little notes from people around my desk/room. i even have one on my computer at work from my birthday.
9. sometimes i get tired of living practically alone.
10. congrats in advance to anthony & katie, who are getting married sunday! happy for you guys!

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