Saturday, July 10, 2010


i'm 24! i didn't know what to expect out of this birthday because it's not really an exciting number. but it has truly been one of the best birthdays ever. it's been a birthday week full of fun! i celebrated with ash and laura, i got airmail cards from my england loves, my co-workers took me out to lunch and happy hour, i went out to two of my favorite places last night with some of my best friends and it was so fun, and i'm going to lunch/shopping with my family today. my bestest surprised me with birthday decorations all over our house (including the mirror pic at the bottom) :) and i've just been showered with love from the people i love the most. it really is awesome to take a step back and see how much God has given me to appreciate. i wouldn't be the person i am without His grace, mercy, and the people he has placed in my life. i have the best friends and the Lord has just blessed me incredibly.

23 was definitely a growing year for me. in all honesty, november through february was completely awful. a lot of negative things happened. but God brought me through that and i grew a lot, both in my faith and who i am as a person. i think the biggest change was that i allowed myself to grow. i used to sulk through the bad times in life and rebel and then come back to God saying i'm sorry and wishing i hadn't handled it that way. it's so awesome to see that i have actually changed. i praise Him for that. i feel like i've gained as much as i lost in those hard few months. and i'm in such a good place now.. great job, moved out to a house my best friend and i love, taking care of myself, and i'm busy and happy. i won't get these days back and i'm trying to make the most of them!

happy 24th to me :) looking forward to a [probably] crazy but good year.

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