Saturday, June 12, 2010

moving on.

i'm blogging from my new room in my new house with my new furniture :) and watching the World Cup as well. (go USA!) it's been a crazy couple of days trying to pack up my room at home and get all this stuff set up (my dad and brother are awesome for helping). now all that's left to do is unpack the massive amounts of stuff i brought from home, wash my sheets, and hit up the store for groceries and supplies. halfway there. haha

first thoughts on being in this new place: with major changes in living come major changes in LIFE. as in, i'm starting a new chapter. this is going to be straight up independent living and i'm sure it's going to be great, but it will be different. i will pay for everything. i won't have my dad right by my side spoiling me rotten and helping right when i need it. i won't see my family often. i don't really know what my life is going to be like from now on.. i've been so used to going to work, coming home to my family house, seeing my sister every day, and going to laura and ashley's apartment because i never had a place for them to come hang out. now i do. :)

anyway, i guess the point is that i'm on my own for real and at almost 24 years old, i think this is a very good time to be single, working, paying rent, praising God, and LIVING.

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kaley said...

post pictures! way to be an independent lady :)