Tuesday, March 16, 2010

she & him

the sun is shining. i'm listening to zooey deschanel & m. ward. i'm drinking tea. i just iChatted with one of my girls in england. today feels better.

i'm getting into the swing of catching up with old friends. if all goes as planned, i'm meeting with a lovely college friend who i haven't seen in forever on thursday. and i want to make other plans with my long-lost girls as well. seriously, how did we as humans get so good at letting some of our best friends from back in the day drop off the face of the earth? (or just our lives.) it goes both ways, but still. my new wish is that once good friends come to you, they stay with you. if only i could be effortlessly capable of it.

i recently bought season 1 of Glee on DVD and i've been watching episodes every day.. i love this show. it makes me happy. and always makes me want to sing a song. other things i've been obsessed with include: painting my nails so they'll grow and i'll stop biting them (today's color is lavender), eating zucchini bread (delicious!), looking for fun internships rather than real jobs, and counting down the days until the next couple's baby arrives. fun times.

have i mentioned lately how glad i am that i have the internet again and i can return to the blogosphere? seriously. i genuinely missed sitting at my computer with a cup of tea typing out my thoughts. and thanks for reading. :)

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