Monday, March 15, 2010

honesty & acceptance

clearing your heart can be a really refreshing thing.

some of you will understand why this song explains what i've been feeling, some of you won't. but nonetheless, i'm going to post it because it's really good writing and i like this chick a lot. for those of you who get it, know that i'm doing okay now. but i wasn't always. it's a good reminder to accept life's changes and move on.

tonight was very difficult. a lot of family issues. my mom cried a lot. my sister doesn't get that she's being impossible for the rest of us to deal with. i am the support system because i have to be. it doesn't matter that i hate it or didn't ask for it. sometimes children have to be strong for their parents because that's the role they were born into.

i miss my best friend, and i know she misses me too.. even though she has a distraction. so close but so far away.

there have been people i don't necessarily want to help anymore but i should and i have to. the whole "put others above yourselves" statement from the bible keeps popping into my head. every day more facets of my selfishness come out.

i know everyone struggles, but at what point do your struggles stop becoming your everyday life? i guess you can't choose what happens to you, but you can choose how you deal. and that's what i'm figuring out piece by piece.

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