Thursday, March 11, 2010

a day early!

the internet has arrived before its time! this makes me happy. i had to laugh at the circumstances in which i received it.. my sister and i were living out a classic spring/summer afternoon moment (a.k.a. sitting on our front porch eating oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with our puppy). misty kept barking her head off at the poor FedEx guy and i was way too excited to sign for this package. haha

anyway. today is a good day (you don't even know how much of a rarity that is anymore).. i got up early, took my car for an oil change and wash, came home, hung out, and the internet came to me earlier than expected. all wonderful.. except i found paint scraped off my only-a-year-old car in TWO places on my hood. i was going to give the oil changing guys a piece of my mind, but i can't prove they did it..

tonight entails a worship meeting with my lovely band guys.. i've only just realized that i'm the only girl so far. which gives me a sense of power.. but more so a sense that i get teased relentlessly. (they love it and so do i.) but i'm excited; there will be pizza and sharing stories of life and all kinds of interesting things, including planning.

with two of my loves in England and a best friend occupied with work and other things for the time being, my lonely side has been coming out. having a job would help, but hey, who has one of those anymore? (soon, i hope.) however, i'm excited to get to talk to apple & riss a lot more and pray for them through this crazy journey they've embarked on until august. they're definitely living a beyond average life (something we've been talking about at church recently).

one last thing for today.. to all my friends who are pregnant and having babies, whether soon or in like 6 months, congrats! i can't stand the excitement. :)

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Jess said...

As one of those preggo friends, I say thank you!

I'm SO happy you're back online and able to blog more, and I love the new site look!

Love you girl!