Thursday, February 4, 2010

the library is now my home..

it's a good thing i was a Lit major in college, because now i have to spend all my time at my local library for their internet. it's not looking good, folks. those of you who know me personally know that i love to write and blog and chat and check email like it's going out of style. but no more. after all, i can't camp out in between the fiction section and the magazines and live here (or could i??). so i guess i'll have to resort to a few times a week of facebook insanity and short blog updates.

i'm heading to salisbury today to visit my still-in-college crowd, many of whom are getting ready to graduate in just a few months. pretty soon i won't have any reason to go back, so i'm excited to take in one of the last college visits i may ever have (unless my sister goes there too, which i'm hoping she will). the only issue is that a snowstorm is going to descend on my neck of the woods on friday, and i really hope i won't have to drive part of the way back in it. because i hate snow. and i hate risking my new car in the snow.

in other news.. the job hunt has come to a halt because of the lack of internet.. plus i have some options i'm working out (more later if things actually do work out). i'm still longing for the warmth and sun of my cruise ship (i can't stop looking at the pictures!), and i desperately want spring to be here. spring is my FAVORITE season, hands down. warm but not hot, occasionally rainy but beautiful, chilly at night but who doesn't love a good hoodie? i know i do. it's the best. plus i have this awesome tree in my front yard and its flowers only bloom once a year.. in the spring. i so look forward to seeing it.. i'll be taking Polaroids for sure. oh, the Polaroid taking has been on hiatus as well, just because.. it has. no real reason. i wanted to bring it on the cruise but it really isn't practical and i probably would have broken it.

something else i wanted to share.. there's this verse in 2 chronicles 20 about letting the Lord fight your battles for you (also in exodus 14:14). and that is a dang good verse if you ask me, since we try to control our lives wayyy too much on our own. something about being human makes us want to do everything and anything we can to make life go the way we want it to. but i have to say, if life had been going the way i planned.. i'd still have the same job, probably be sick of commuting, wouldn't be nearly as involved in worship leading as i am now, wouldn't be babysitting for a wonderful family, wouldn't get to spend enough time with my sister. so there are things to be grateful for in loss.

well, this post should keep you occupied until i can return.. until then, watch out for the snow and stay warm!


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