Sunday, November 22, 2009

sunday specials

Hi friends. So far, today has been a major focus on two things: getting worship sets together for next sunday and catching up on tv i've missed this week (project runway, anyone?). Besides those, I wanted to get started on the much awaited polaroids!

A little background on them: I have an Instax mini Polaroid and while film isn't insanely expensive, I refuse to waste it on photos I might not want or ones that don't turn out well. So every polaroid I take is for a reason and close to my heart. I'm working on putting them in an album later. Also, I have taken pictures of the polaroids with my digital to upload here because I have yet to get a printer with a scanner. So ignore the fact that they might not look amazing-- but trust me, they do in person.

Okay, first one:

This is one of my favorites so far. I live in a neighborhood with big yards and lots of trees (which I love). Every day this fall I've been driving past this little tree with leaves that have turned ruby red and it finally became too awesome to pass up. So I took my puppy for a walk, Polaroid in hand, and snapped it. It's beautiful.

More to come! And check out the new playlist for the week! It's chill. Enjoy.


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JUdeee said...

Love it!!