Friday, November 13, 2009

never a thursday night wasted..

it's friday morning and i'm at my desk with a giant cup of coffee running on four and a half hours of sleep, texting my friend who is also running on that much. but last night made this well worth it.

my pastor spoke at Cru last night (coincidentally, my picture is still up on the homepage haha.. time for a change guys!), so a few friends and i made the mini-roadtrip with him to visit and see how our old ministry is doing. i didn't know if it would be weird or not.. we still have a lot of friends left there but there are also a ton of people we don't know. and that place changes frequently from semester to semester, so you really never know what you're going to face. but it was so indescribably good. my beloved band is still rockin' (glad they can live without me hahaha) and worship was so tight. it reminded me that the four years i spent there were really worth it, never a thursday night wasted. and of course we surprised all of our friends by being there, and they were really excited to see us. it felt like home.

anyway, it was a good start to the weekend. i kind of have a long one coming because i'm taking monday off for doctor's appointments.. technically working from home, but it will be nice to sleep in. other than that, i'm just hanging out with my best friend tonight (frozen pizza and a movie, YES) and the rest of the weekend will be filled with band practice and leading worship twice on sunday. busy but brilliant.

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Steven. Mr L. Lammy. said...

so glad it was awesome and so sorry i didn't make it out there! i thought about it, but my sweatpants and the crap-tastic weather convinced me to stay in and cuddle with oscar. but there's still love! : )