Wednesday, November 25, 2009

hello hello.

Yesterday I realized just how busy life can get. This week is completely insane so far! I've had something going on every single night after work mon.-today, and then there's Thanksgiving and the madness continues. Luckily, they are all good things that involve seeing my friends.. which, of course, is my favorite activity. (shout out to my best friend Alicia.. you're amazing and I'm more than blessed to have you in my life!)

Anyway. I have so many ideas for next week's playlist and I promise you will love it.. wish I could put it up sooner! I'd post the next Polaroid right now but I'm blogging from work, so that's a no go. But here's a book review for you!!

I started reading the Redemption series by Karen Kingsbury after a weeklong beach trip over the summer, where two of my friends had been reading it and couldn't put it down. They kept talking about it so I borrowed the first one and got hooked! It's a five book series based on a family and they face some crazy situations. Each book has a main focus on a different family member. It's a fiction Christian series, which usually I would shy away from because they can be cheesy and unrealistic and go on and on about God in a way I don't prefer, but these books actually do a good job of keeping you captivated through the intensity of what the characters go through and how it gets worked out (if it does.. i'm only on book 3!). One thing I especially like about the series is that they do incorporate verses from the Bible, and that's nice because sometimes they directly remind me of something I need to be praying for or just open my eyes to something I can relate to. So ladies, go find the first book and read it. You'll get hooked. :)

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Eve!

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