Wednesday, October 7, 2009

lots to pray for..

Lately I've been reminded of the world around me outside my own life.. the tragedies that strike and people that are desperately in need of someone's help. A good friend has shared stories with me about situations she deals with in the hospital she works at that I can't even imagine witnessing. There have been many deaths of family members among my coworkers this year for some reason. I've been reading a couple people's blogs about deaths they've had to face as well as serious illnesses they are currently facing that could change their lives depending on what happens. And there are homeless people I pass on the DC streets every day that pull on my heart but I can't do anything for them besides pray.

Beyond that, working for an international nonprofit that handles work in all areas of the world is very eye-opening. We get press releases and such about things that are going on, some better than others, but still. For example, there was a press release sent out last week about the 60th anniversary of communist China (and obviously, about the struggle for democracy concerning that and how communism is not good, in so many words). That same day, I received an email from one of my students I taught in China three years ago, and she was saying how excited she is for the celebration, to be a part of China and how China is so powerful and great. Two completely different worlds were colliding in that moment. It was a crazy feeling. Then there are events like the recent typhoon in the Philippines that has left hundreds of people dead as well as out of their homes. Thankfully, relief efforts will always be there to step up for things like this. Still, I don't want my prayers to simply be lost on the things that only my eyes see in front of me. It's a reminder that the world I never get to touch is in great need right now as well.

Overall, this has made me think about the importance of prayer. God does hear us and He will answer.. sometimes in ways that we don't expect, but ultimately all things work together for our good. And anything we ask in His name, He will do. So even when I'm forced to remain hands off from situations that require help, prayer has the power for change. I believe that.

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