Sunday, September 20, 2009

weekend times

oh, this weekend has been so very nice. not seeing people in the middle of the week is hard! you never realize how much you have to catch up on until you're trying to cram two weeks worth of details into a couple nights.

friday my bestest and i went to Great Falls in VA.. such a beautiful place to see waterfalls and get some exercise. the weather was PERFECT. i've decided that september is by far my favorite month. we hiked, took pictures and put our feet in the water where little fishes decided to nibble on my toes. sounds creepy, but it was cute.

saturday was the celebration of the bestest's birthday and another friend's birthday as well. a bunch of us have become pretty consistent in hanging out even after college and with busy lives, and i'm so grateful we all still make time to see each other. and believe me, when we do, our time isn't wasted. we had an amazing dinner and cake, and spent the rest of the night catching up and going to bed at 12:30 (unbelievable how long ago those 3 a.m. nights seem). then waffle house for breakfast the next day. i love waffles. and those friends.

music update: there is SO much new, good music coming out this fall. we've recently had imogen heap, ingrid michaelson and bethany dillon; now you can add new paramore, phil wickham and shane & shane to the list. i'm pretty sure there's more, but without exact dates thus far. i'm pretty stoked about it all.

the bestest and i are heading to church in a little while but for now.. all i really want is something pumpkin or apple or cider flavored. autumn has such an influence on me. :)

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