Friday, September 25, 2009

let's be honest..

this week has sucked. like really. up until thursday when it got a little better. i can't even list the stuff i've dealt with this week because 1) i don't want to complain about it 2) this is just to express my relief that the week is almost over.

so.. moving on. it's a nice rainy friday morning in the office. we get cake later for the september birthdays :) and i had an awesome banana-peanut-butter cupcake yesterday courtesy of my lovely co-worker. Freedom House likes food. and sharing, thank God. we're always eating around here.

this weekend will leave some time for relaxing.. i was saying last weekend that i need "a weekend for my weekend." haha i just need time to recover from my busy life. as i said to my friend emily the other day at lunch, "freedom waits for no one." too true. anyway, this weekend i will be going to the bank to reopen a savings account (and hopefully put money in it!), go to my sister's homecoming game (which, coincidentally, is against MY high school. and i will be rooting for them, not my sister's team), and a dinner with my bible study girls from college. i'm excited to catch up with them! it's been months.

besides that, a lot of knitting and preparing for another week. TGIF!

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