Saturday, August 15, 2009

week 1 = done!

whew. i made it somehow :) just kidding, it was a really good first week of work. any new job has its challenges and frustrations, but i know the more i go along with it and am eager to learn, the better it will be for me. i work with some really great people (i had lunch with two lovely co-workers the other day outside in the park) and their welcoming natures have been so helpful to me. i can't stand to work in a place where people are all business and aren't kind, so it's good. the city itself is a transition and while i can say that i will probably never ever move there (i'm a backyard kind of girl), it's a really cool place to be for work. not only that, it's the nation's capital! i love the fact that i work in a city where so many important things are going on around me-- and where the president of the US is. :)

besides work, i've been thinking a lot about the next step in my life with jesus-- he has been so good to me in giving me this job opportunity as well as a home where i can live for free. not to mention my beautiful friends that i get to spend all my free time with doing whatever. the main thing i'm feeling is how much i miss leading worship at college. i have been on the fence for a long time now about whether or not i want to try and lead worship at my church-- something about that just doesn't feel right to me. but God always has a plan, and now our college ministry is planting a new church. not only that, but i got a call from our college pastor who talked to me about leading worship there. how awesome is that? God truly is the answerer and the provider. He knows what i'm thinking every step of the way. so i am so excited not only to be involved heavily with this new creation from the ground floor up, but to get back into one of the biggest parts of my faith. worship (and music in general) is a huge part of me, and using that for jesus is so important to me. it's probably the most influential part of my walk with the lord. so needless to say, i can't wait to get started with this. :)

[more updates as life goes on.]

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