Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i came, i saw, i conquered.. barely

the real world is not a joke.

it's hard. and it makes me feel really unintelligent, like i don't know anything. and i have a lot to do once i actually start working and i'm praying that i don't fall flat on my face and get fired. or desperate enough to quit. but the good news is that i have excellent benefits, great co-workers, a decent salary (if there's not a thousand taxes being taken out), and a job. i should be a little more grateful, right? yeah, i know.

today was just really rough and exhausting and i had some issues to work out. i didn't get home until like 7:30 and i don't want that to happen every night.. but chances are i'm not getting out of the office by 5 every day. sad. my life during weekdays will live & breathe work. but once i get the hang of it, maybe i won't mind so much.

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Anonymous said...

you will mind though working 9-5 for the system is not the life humans were ment for, go find your lost dreams and goals and remind your self of where u really need to with your life. the joy that will get you outta bed. if you dont have that joy now at work dont expect it so show up, and dont let me get you down just take a second glance to make sure your really where you are suppost to be...