Tuesday, July 28, 2009

hello, real world.

no, i haven't joined the MTV ridiculousness. i got a job!! a wonderful job, in fact. it's with a nonprofit in DC, Freedom House. check it out, what i'm working for is pretty cool. i'm just going to be doing things with fundraising and keeping our databases updated and such, but overall i know i'm working for a great cause even if the 9-5 job gets tedious. 

when i had a job offer at the beginning of summer i knew it wasn't the right thing, and there were a lot of people telling me to take it just because i was going broke and who knew when i would find another one with the economy sucking so much. but i'm glad i didn't listen to them. God has NEVER failed to take care of me, not once. and He gave me that first opportunity but i knew there would be others as long as i was asking Him what to do and seeking Him out. so i prayed a lot, tried to keep faith high, and even when i felt like nothing was going to happen i was still convinced He was there. and this is more proof of what He can do and how well He knows me. He knew i wanted to work for a nonprofit and make a difference, and even when i was ready to take any job at all He provided the one that i would actually want. i also said i would never in a million years want to work in the city.. but He presents challenges as well as blessings. no one knows me better, and that's why He is my God forever and always. so to all of you who are still searching and are ready to give up, don't. He's listening and i promise what the Word says is true: if you ask, you shall receive. but remember that patience is key.

anyway, i'm excited for this life change, to have money to pay my bills and save up. and i'm looking forward to learning a heck of a lot, because this is a real job where i actually have to do legitimate work and maybe even get a career out of it. we'll see what happens. it terrifies me but i'm excited. :) and thank you to all my lovely friends who were so supportive through the job search and are so happy for me, you guys are the best! love you all.

ps. something else really cool: God provided jobs for two of my good friends at the exact same time as me! so awesome. :)

"the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." - james 5:16

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