Friday, July 31, 2009

early weekend?

feels like the weekend's come and gone already.

1. blueberry waffles & vanilla ice cream
2. "call security, you FOSSIL!" (from The Great Buck Howard)
3. homemade sangria & pizza with Rissa's family
4. nylon guitar strings (they just feel so much better)
5. one more week before work
6. Say Anything
7. facebook chats with people i don't get to talk to enough
8. trying to make some positive life changes
9. i'm out of money! but i'll get a paycheck after i start, right?
10. the friends that truly care about you will let you know. no doubt.


JuuUDEEE said...

say anything the band or movie? either way -they are both great:))) love you sisterr

Stacie with an IE said...

i like # 10 and your post about psalms. :)

Love or Nothing said...

the movie haha love it