Tuesday, June 16, 2009

tell me that you're alright, yeah everything is alright..

i like motion city soundtrack a lot. i started listening to them after a drive in my friend's car.. while we filled up his one tire with air because it was flat and got chic-fil-a. good times. 

anyway. the busy week begins tomorrow.. nikki is moving in tomorrow (yay!) and alicia is coming to stay as well. and i have to swing by my new workplace and pick up the paperwork so i can actually start making money. and hopefully feel more excited about it. haha i'm know i'm blessed to have a job at all, and i know i'll like hanging out with kids all day. it won't be that bad.

i miss my college friends a lot lately.. i'm glad i got to see my roommate this weekend and i have my girls coming tomorrow, but i miss my boys! i'll see them eventually i guess. i would love to spend another week at the beach but real life has to set in sometime.. i think that time is now.

sorry, this post is a lot of random thoughts. but the highlights are: i have a job, i have a friend moving into my house, i have another visiting, and i can't wait to start making money again. and pay bills. and save up to move out. yikes. ok, post over. bye.

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