Thursday, May 28, 2009

week 1 of new life

I've officially moved home from college. While I never actually thought I'd be the type to have money right after graduation, I'm kind of surprised I let myself move back into my house. It's not my favorite place to be. But it's been going really well so far-- my brother and I have been spending time together (like hanging out at Greene Turtle watching the Barca/ManU game, good times) and my mom made dinner (I missed her cooking a lot). And things have kept me busy: the 12 hours of cleaning and unpacking I had to do, for instance. I had a job interview today that went well and is actually a line of work I'll enjoy so here's hoping I get that. I'm looking forward to saving up money to be able to pay bills and move out sooner rather than later. And finally get a Mac! (Really looking forward to that one.)

In two days some of my best friends and I head to the beach! OBX is waiting for us... sun, a huge house, 14 of us... it's going to be great. I'm also looking forward to God working on my heart about some things; it's going to be a challenging week as well as fun. But I embrace the challenge. He's had to do a lot of work in my heart for me to be okay with leaving my beloved Salisbury and Cru. It's unbelievable to me that I'm not leading worship every week anymore. I miss my band a lot. It's hard to listen to our worship music or songs we used to play without my heart breaking slightly. But I definitely want to visit and I want to see what God is doing in a new semester with new people.

I'm off to relax and read and hopefully get some sleep tonight... because I haven't been able to sleep without Larissa in the room. :)

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Drea said...

Where in OBX are you guys going and how long are you staying? Me and Smizz are going to Kitty Hawk this hilarious would it be if we were close?!