Saturday, April 11, 2009


1. I have perfected coffee-making. Ask me to make it sometime, there's a secret.
2. I want to get an old-school Polaroid film camera and take Polaroids all the time. Expensive.
3. I still have a pet fish that is not actually mine but I love him.
4. I've been on a bad sleep schedule... 4 am bedtime... 5-8 pm naps...
5. I don't miss work at all. Not one bit.
6. I miss nannying for my baby at home.
7. I have enjoyed not being in school. But I do miss class sometimes (weird).
8. I need to stop spending money... but at least it's on Wawa sandwiches and not clothes.
9. Beautiful weather can't get here fast enough.
10. I'm trying to be more of a lover and less of a hater... although I don't hate often.


DiverDork said...

2. Polaroid film isn't produced anymore. You'll have to go on ebay and look for expired film.

5. Have you not been working?

11. We need to talk : )

Steven. Mr L. Lammy. said...

whats the coffee secret?? ps - you don't have a job?!?! when did that happen?! we should probably hang out more... like tomorrow, for grillin'!