Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I rarely think about what I want because I'm so busy thinking about what I need. But here's what I want:

- to find a simple 9-5 job here in the bury and not hate it
- to stop being so emo all the time
- to stop falling in love
- to not have to worry about money every second
- to get rid of the stupid things I say and do on a constant basis
- to stop getting angry just because I can

I'm sure there's more. But right now, what I really want is to go to bed.


Anonymous said...

stop falling in love?

oh no- don't do that

stargirl (*)(X) said...

love is the most powerful thing you will ever know...
stronger than death? unyeilding as the grave.
stop falling, maybe, but never EVER stop believing in love.

Emily said...

oh sarah. there is no need to stop being emo ;)