Thursday, November 27, 2008

thanksgiving time

I came home for Thanksgiving and surprisingly, it's been pretty good. I thought I would have too much time on my hands to devote to schoolwork that I need to get done or play guitar, but I've only worked on one assignment and my guitar hasn't left the bag. I transported my fish home from school because I didn't want him to die while I was gone-- but he ended up dying yesterday morning anyway. [R.I.P. Sharkbait]

There's been a lot of money stress on my mind lately-- paying rent so my dad doesn't have to, making car payments on this...

... and trying to keep my head above water as I start attempting to pay b ack my college loans. All this with no real job prospects and the possibility of working two jobs. I keep asking the Lord what's going to happen but so far no answers... all in His timing, I guess. Prayer would be appreciated, it's getting to the point where I can't focus on anything else.

Anyway. It's been nice to see my bro and sis and catch up with some friends. Tomorrow I get to see my amazing friend Cait who flew home from Nashville and I'm so excited! We often go months without seeing each other and I hate that. I'm ready for some catch up time. And there are things happening when I get back to school that I'm very much looking forward to (besides graduation).

Lastly: some things I am truly thankful for:
1. My roommates. I absolutely cannot live without them. These girls are amazing.
2. Campus Crusade for Christ. My life changed when I entered this ministry my first semester of college, and I am so excited to keep leading worship even after I graduate.
3. The knowledge that God can carry me no matter what. If I couldn't depend on my Lord and Savior, who knows how I would deal with life.
4. People in this world who refuse to judge, slander and hate and replace those things with compassion and love instead.
5. My family being there for me when I need them.

I hope your break has been nice as well! Happy Thanksgiving!

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