Saturday, October 18, 2008

not enough hours in a day.

That has been the most recent thought on my mind. There are definitely not enough hours in the day. Not enough for getting all my schoolwork done, working a job, seeing my roommates, running errands, and having fun. Maybe I'll finally learn about prioritizing. Or maybe I won't.

Today was homecoming weekend here at SU. But this morning Alicia and I were shooting our friend's wedding and it was great. We only stayed at the game for a little while because it was freezing and we were hungry, but we saw good friends and supported Jeff as he lost the title of homecoming king to another guy. Also, I bought a fish today. The last time I owned a fish was when I was sixteen. Then my grandmother bought me a dog (way after the fish died) so I gave up on fish because I love my Misty. However, she remains at home in HoCo and I like having pets. So now I have Jag (named after a Will Ferrell skit on SNL that we watched last night... Alicia understands).

Anyway. Here's to procrastination and not being able to focus on a Saturday. I'm just happy not to be at work. :)

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