Thursday, August 7, 2008

facing it.

I'm sitting here with a nice cup of coffee (which I rarely get to drink anymore because it makes me way too hyper and since my work is coffee now, I get sick of it) and I'm feeling much better. Now that the breakdowns of the week have passed, I'm trying to focus on not being stressed out but rather how to deal with everything coming my way. This next semester is going to be the most challenging. As a senior getting ready to finally graduate, everyone expects you to have an easy time and finish up with lots of fun and less work. Not so in my case. I'm going to be working really hard to get everything done (a.k.a. 19 credits) and on top of that I'll still be at my job. I'm not anticipating a lot of free time. But you know what? It's okay. For the longest time I never thought I'd be able to accept leaving college. I didn't want to give up late nights and the campus and just being young. It's worked out well for me that I don't face that anymore. Living in a house off campus has prepared me for inevitably leaving those things behind. Having my job is teaching me to make my own way and be more independent. Major responsibilities definitely came as soon as I turned 22 in July. All of these factors add up to an unreal place I thought I'd never get to-- or didn't want to get to. However, I'm slowly learning that it'll be okay. It's going to be different, for sure. And giving things that I love up was never my strong point. But I'm ready to face it now.

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