Monday, January 6, 2014

the official move-on

Hey there, friends. By now I'm sure you've figured out that I have moved over to my new blog, Life Into Words. I'm sad to announce that I probably won't be coming back here... bittersweet, since I've been keeping this one up since 2008! It will remain in the blogosphere, but check the new site for my current posts. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my new stuff :)



Monday, October 7, 2013

weekend recap & blog launch!

hey! happy monday to you guys... hope your weekends were great! mine was excellent. i hopped a bus to NYC with my friends laura and ashley, and we had such a great time. lived like rich people for two days and it was amazing... i love my simple life but parts of me want to eat expensive brunch every single day. LOVED IT. i'll give you guys a photo recap later, check out my Instagram feed for the short version! [IG: sarahfisch]

on to more news! my music blog has officially launched as of last friday! it's called Life Into Words and you can read all about it in the "About" and "FAQ" sections, as well as my first introductory post. and the first Music Monday post is up as of this morning! hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as i have enjoyed planning it :) there's definitely more to come!

on that note... i am super excited for tonight! i am seeing The Naked and Famous with a good friend and i know their show is going to blow me away. i can just feel it :) if you want to know more about them or have never heard of them, you're in luck! they are my first Music Monday post. head on over to the new blog to read and watch a couple of their videos! they don't disappoint.

it's back to work for this girl! have a good start of the week, friends!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

a birthday!

happy, happy birthday to my roommate! laura is the best. here is a list of why she is great:

1. when we were renting together and our landlord sold the house, she bought one of her own and still lets me live with her :) so thanks for keeping a roof over my head, friend!
2. she lets me borrow her clothes (that leopard shirt was loved by all the other night).
3. i think our best times are when we veg out on the couch watching our tv shows. we've gotten into some pretty random stuff over the years, and we quote them all on our bathroom mirror with window markers.
4. speaking of the bathroom... we have the majority of our conversations when she is in there washing her face and i am sitting outside on the floor. i keep saying we should get a rug for me to sit on since i park myself there so often. it's good times.
5. our house always has cookies, frozen pizza, ice cream, and nutella. the perfect fixes for last-minute dinners, movie nights, The Bachelor viewings, and hurting hearts.
6. Four words: Guy on a Buffalo.
7. laura has gotten really into gardening since she bought the house. it's awesome... she'll say, "oh, i just need to go pull this weed i saw outside, be right back." ... 5 hours later, the yard is covered in pulled weeds and she is covered in dirt. it's hilarious!
8. she gives pretty good advice. even if i don't listen to it sometimes :)
9. You've Got Mail is always a valid movie option in our house since it's her favorite. i have zero complaints about this.
10. last but not least, she is a good friend and roommate. sounds lame, but those are hard to come by, and i'm glad to live with someone who doesn't suck!