Monday, April 30, 2012

weekend update!

hey friends! time for another weekend update.. this is more than my weekend, though. i had an amazing time with a lot of sisterly love and quality girl time (including seeing The Lucky One, which was better than i thought it would be!) here's what i've been up to lately:

 through heart-shaped glasses
 DC visit <3
 needtobreathe show
 can't live without
 homemade sangria!
 coffee coffee coffee
 ohmygosh. macarons. delicious.
the rickenbacker. hello lovely bass.
 worship practice with one of my favorites (ignore how dumb we look haha)
 my puppyyy :)
 welcome to the world, baby lucas!
 performing for my coworkers
 best friends always
 my bridal shower gift to her :)
my weekenders!

life has been busy and is only going to get busier (two weddings in may!!), but i wouldn't trade that for anything. when i'm not busy, i'm just idle. and that is awful to me. i need things to fill my time, and luckily, God hands that to me. thankful for my life. 


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