Tuesday, September 6, 2011

day off thoughts..

since i work 10 (and a half, counting lunch break) hours a day for my job, i get mondays completely off. which means when there's a holiday, i get TWO days off. you have no idea how happy this makes me. i get a little sad when there's a stretch of time without a holiday in it.

since this is my day off, i thought i'd do a "raw blog." in simpler terms, a blog that just says what you want to say & expresses how you actually feel. pretty rare most of the time, i find.

here goes. (in the form of a list, of course.)

1. i miss my best friend. she's never here. i spend a lot of time in my house alone. it's kind of sad.
2. i have super expensive taste and am finding ways to save for things i really want-- putting a little aside each paycheck for fun things, and also researching cheaper versions. trust me, they're out there! for example, i found this gorgeous belt i wanted and it's $18. um, no can do. so i found a very similar one for $3 somewhere else. WIN.
3. you guys know i love music with my whole heart. and i'm in the process of recording an album.. which is heading in a good direction. i have about half the tracks done. here's my real issue: there's so much good music out right now and i NEED it but can't spend money on 10+ albums! i'll have to settle for online streaming.
4. i got a coupon for free dunkin donuts iced coffee on mondays (for like, the next five mondays). i was SO excited considering the blueberry iced is my favorite (pumpkin is out now too)! so i went yesterday all happy about it and the lady tried to throw away the sacred coupon after using it. that wasn't gonna fly haha so i basically forced her to give it back to me. i mean, really.. the instructions are right there on the piece of paper. mmkay, rant over. :)
5. i need to find new books to read. perhaps i'll head to the library today. which i got a card for and still haven't been to. (the one near my old house is so much better.)
6. i think this is the first year i've done a really good job picking out presents for people. i have a bunch coming up in sept/oct, as well as a bridal shower for one of my best friends, and i will gladly admit that i have had some excellent ideas. FYI.. this usually doesn't happen.
7. i don't know how i'm usually so busy, but this past week up until today, i've basically been around the house cleaning and doing nothing. normally, this is welcome because i'm running all over the place. not now. i don't know where my hectic schedule went. the truth is, i like being busy. i get super depressed if i'm sitting in my house for more than a day or two. kind of where i'm at right now. i'm praying it doesn't last.. i pretty much hate it.
8. what is it about laundry that makes me not want to do anything with it when it's done? i don't mind putting it in the washer and switching it over to the dryer. but i cannot stand to put it away when it's done. does anyone else have this problem? literally, it will sit in the dryer for like three days after it's done. all wrinkled and waiting. i can't figure this one out.
9. we're in for a week of rain around here. which is fine with me, since it's exactly how i feel.
10. repeat countless times to self: your singleness is a gift. don't waste it.

happy tuesday. xo

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