Friday, March 18, 2011

so much. of everything.

this has been a week of mistakes and sickness and hardship. but in all of that, these lyrics have been playing and re-playing in my head:

what joy for those whose hope is in the name of the Lord.

seriously. i try to fall asleep at night and i keep hearing this. i think it's a good reminder for me; while everything has been falling to pieces this week, i have more than right now. i have a hopeful future and plans that i haven't even been made aware of yet.

sometimes i wish i could just take a week off of everything in my life and do what i used to do when i was unemployed.. research music all day. finding new bands, rediscovering old ones, exploring new lyrics.. and of course, catching up on my writing. i have a lot in my heart that i want to lay down tracks for, but there is simply no time. or maybe i'm just bad at making time for it because i'm far too critical of myself.

anyway.. for your listening pleasure, here are some excellent musicians that i guarantee you will love:

1. andrew peterson. oh, this man has such a way with words. and a heart for the Lord. special shout out to my best friend cait for introducing me to his work years ago.
2. generation church. sweet, sweet voices. and my inspiration this week.
3. eisley. these sisters just put out a new album, and i'm so excited to see them in april!
4. william fitzsimmons.. again. sorry, i just love him so much.
5. indelible grace. a mix of old-school worship and newer things, with plenty of talented people. it's a win-win. (again, thanks to cait haha)
6. watermark. i never get tired of this album, even after years of listening.
7. sandra.. what a brilliant woman. who also happens to be married to..
8. derek webb. haha good man.
9. jillian edwards. i've probably blogged about her before. she's awesome.
10. chris thile. formerly of nickel creek, so you know he's got it going on.

promise you'll listen? i promise it's good stuff :) have a good weekend!

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Jennifer Rod said...

This is a great post. And such great lyrics. You are right, what better hope than Christ. It's what keeps us going. I can understand why these lyrics dont leave your head.

Have a great weekend!