Wednesday, March 30, 2011

pink lemonade.

my blog has gone pink lemonade-y! it makes me happy. as do my close friends [pictured above from the Photobooth iPhone app] and getting ready for warm weather.

speaking of fun drinks, here are some i'm excited for this spring & summer:

1. pink lemonade (duh)
2. iced coffee (i make mine with cinnamon in the filter)
3. mojitos (blueberry ones are the best)
4. limeade with fresh lime juice
5. iced tea the way my mama used to make it
6. anything with fun ice cubes in it.. like frozen grapes or bits of fruit frozen into an ice tray
7. champagne & raspberries.. maybe on my 25th birthday? (oh yikes. i don't even want to think about that haha)
8. ice cold water after working out. nothing better.
9. wheat beer outside with friends.
10. smoothies!

just some ideas :) and a random thought: i'm trying to get past some struggles right now and one of the lyrics that is repeating over and over as i type is from Hillsong's "search my heart:"

without You, i am nothing.

so hard to remember, yet so worth remembering. trying to keep that in my heart the rest of this week.

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