Sunday, September 26, 2010

in the desert

i feel like so much is taking place in the "desert" right now. that term keeps coming to my mind. with a close friend's family dealing with cancer and his neighbors going through the trauma of a terrible accident, to all of my friends that can't seem to find jobs and the little struggles of life, the desert is very apparent. but when Moses was walking in a literal desert with the people of israel, he built an altar and called it, "The Lord is my Banner." (exodus 17:15). it says, "for hands were lifted up to the throne of the Lord." and that's what needs to happen in every situation we encounter, good or bad. our hands should be lifted to the Lord our Rock, our Banner. exodus 17 also talks about how the israelites won a battle as long as Moses' hands were lifted to heaven. even when he got too tired to hold them up, aaron and hur did it for him. the israelites had total success because Moses kept his hands lifted toward the throne. it should be that way with our hearts daily.

The Lord is my Banner.


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