Sunday, June 20, 2010


i needed this weekend. it was so good to relax and catch up with friends, one of which i haven't seen in a long time. we just hung out and watched Glee, went shopping, reminisced and reminded each other why we love US so much. :)

i got a phone call this weekend from one of my best friends who is at camp this summer as an EMT/camp nurse. after i got off the phone with him and hearing his stories, i started thinking about how awesome it is to have evidence right in front of your face that God is WITH you and not against you. it seems like He's against us a lot in this life, when really, it's not Him at all. it's us and other people and our desire to be more like everything in this world instead of what's important. i feel like as soon as i start crashing, He shows me that what i thought was the plan i wanted to go with is what means the least to me when i stop and think about it.

all in all, this weekend revived me and i needed it. love you, friends. thanks for being there.

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