Sunday, June 27, 2010

i needed that.

this weekend was so busy but also so full of wonderful things. it started on thursday-- after a hard day's work, my co-workers and i went out for happy hour. this is the first time i had hung out with them outside the office since starting my job. it was so great to just hang out and have a beer and talk to them about whatever. i really love my co-workers, they make every day awesome. and they're why i love my job.

friday night i went out with addie, amanda, and tricia. we are an unlikely group of people because while we went to college together, the four of us have never really hung out together besides big groups of friends. how we ended up planning friday night, i still can't remember.. but i'm SO glad we did. it was so much fun.. we went to dinner and went out dancing on an empty dance floor that we quickly claimed as our own and took over for a few hours. it was hilariously awesome.

saturday night i went to my friend jeff's to watch the USA vs Ghana World Cup match. USA lost, of course, but hanging out with my friends was just a good time in general so i attempted not to care. then we crashed my sister/brother's graduation party that my parents had catered at an italian restaurant-- so we got some free food and hung out before heading to old EC (ironically where i was the night before). we went to my favorite rooftop bar and got drinks and caught up with each other. i always take for granted how blessed i am to know the friends that i have from college. and i am so unbelievably happy that we haven't lost track of each other since graduating. i love them so much and i love every minute i spend with them. we're so connected to each other through our college experiences and Christ and i hope that never changes.

anyway-- my weekend was awesome. it wore me out in a good way :) i hope yours did the same.

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