Thursday, June 17, 2010

12/8/09 journal entry.

i've been a little lost lately. but i went back to my old journal and found this:

"I know the Lord can do ALL THINGS. He can help me find a job, He can heal hearts, He can keep us safe, He can terminate our fear, He can bring joy in death, He can replace the darkness with light, He can BREAK ME OF MY ANGER AND SIN, he can cause FORGIVENESS, He can be WHY I SING every day, He can take burdens and chains and reduce them to NOTHING, he can rid me of my loneliness, He can READY MY HEART for things to come, He can take away my past, He can inspire TRUE REPENTANCE, He can bless every minute that I have, He can restrain my tongue, He can keep me from harm in a world going bad, He can look out for me in ways that I don't even know exist, He can promise me FOREVER that HE LOVES ME, He can break me of my selfishness, He can turn my REBELLION INTO REDEMPTION, He can reform hearts that are off track, He can take enemies and friends alike and STOP HATE, He can put prayer in place of stubbornness, He can make light the way of our lives, He can make me more thankful, He can show me I am not worthy, He can stop my bad attitude in its tracks and BREAK ME DOWN, He can rid me of all that gets in HIS WAY, he can remind the church that WE WERE MADE TO LOVE, He can destroy my pride, He can be the source of mercy and grace, He can CHANGE ME for good, He can be present in all that I do, He can take faults of others and put them on my heart to PRAY INSTEAD OF CRITICIZE, He can solve mysteries and judge those who disbelieve, He can help us get to the EVERLASTING.

O Lord, You are so great and mighty-- we have no right to You-- we have no way of deserving You-- we only have what we know You are and YOU ARE ENOUGH!"


Angie said...

This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

AMEN fischy... love you kid