Monday, May 17, 2010

"keep Your promises, O God.. and we'll sing Your praises"

this is a line from a song a friend i lead worship with wrote. he's a great songwriter and we did this song last night at church-- after i started singing that line i felt like i couldn't stop. God has definitely been faithful to me and even when my life completely sucks, i still want to sing His praises. my heart is hurting badly for one of my best friends right now whose family is facing something incredibly difficult, yet he and i have to believe that the Lord will bring them through it. as a sick boy's father says in Mark 9.. "help me overcome my unbelief!" all too often, i feel the need to say those words.

last night's sermon was about tearing down walls in your life (focusing on the walls of Jericho in Joshua). tim had us write down our walls and tack them up on boards in the front of the room. i wrote something down that i've been struggling against and not knowing how to handle.. and somehow, by the end of the night, i was laughing about it with the person it involves. if nothing else, that made me feel better. and it proved that i don't have to have a serious talk or a fight with a person to get past it. follow the links in the previous post to listen to tim's words of wisdom.

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Melissa Joy said...

sarah, i am pretty sure God is using your words/experiences to slap me in the face. where you said you don't have to have a serious talk or a fight with a person is something that i have been needing to hear. Thank you once again for this. your blog really just hits me hard and i love it!