Monday, May 24, 2010

it's monday..

1. everyone has decided to get engaged/start dating in this month. weird. and kind of unnerving.
2. i had a dream last night in which the cast of LOST discussed thread counts of sheets.
3. i talked to my england girls today after not speaking to them for weeks. august can't come fast enough.
4. i really love my band.
5. avocado might be the best tasting thing ever.. even as gelato.
6. a guy saw me singing in my car today and encouraged me to keep going. it was awkward.
7. listening to joshua radin at work makes my head hurt a little bit less.
8. my mother is wonderful. she paid for new pillows, sheets, and a down comforter for my housewarming gift. even though we haven't officially gotten the place yet. :)
9. i'm a little crazy about my IKEA furniture. it's all in the shopping cart online, just waiting to be bought & delivered. can you tell i'm impatient for that day to get here? (also, is that wrong?)
10. there's a framed painting that's been in my room since i can remember (probably the whole 18 years) and i just decided that i love it. i'm a little late with that one. but i'm taking it with me.

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