Thursday, April 8, 2010

sunshine & Rocket

meet my new little guy, Rocket. he's a dark red betta fish. my last one, Sharkbait, died when i brought him home for spring break. (i don't think car travel agrees with them.) i just love these fish, they're so beautiful. i'm determined to help this one last as long as possible. :)

i didn't get much sleep last night so i canceled some plans for the morning and stayed in bed. the weather is so nice today i didn't want to waste it, so my puppy and i laid outside in the sunshine for a couple hours. in a little while i'm heading to band practice with the guys outside in the park (super excited for that, the evenings have been so gorgeous around here). my mom is bringing me sushi tonight, and i could eat sushi every day of the week, so i'm pretty stoked on that. also, i got a call from one of my old roommates today wanting to go hang out at Great Falls Park (love that place!) but i was tired and didn't have time today, so that's definitely a plan for another week! i adore the park, it has waterfalls and is just beautiful, and you get some exercise hiking the trails. tonight one of my honorary "sisters" is working at the Snowball Stand, so i'm going to stop by after practice and grab a yummy treat :)

on another note.. i wish i could stop being a procrastinator! i have lots to do and a Post-It list in front of me, but i either forget to do things or just put them off. my dog desperately needs to be groomed in this hot weather, i keep forgetting to stick my bills in the mailbox to be paid, and i have money that needs to go in the bank. i have letters to write and people to call and things to figure out. something stops me every time.. but i guess that's not an excuse..

go outside and play today!

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