Monday, April 5, 2010

i know i'll be okay..

today, life feels like a whole lot of impossible. but then i immediately started thinking of this:

"with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" -matthew 19:26

truth. everything has felt impossible today. like, i went for a run and i'm trying to sign up for a 10K in june but i haven't quite convinced myself that i can do it. lately it's been good, i've been doing about 5 miles. but today i barely got to 2 and had to quit-- either the sudden heat or something else.. whatever it was, i just couldn't keep going. and that was super discouraging. then i continued the job hunt (found a rejection in my inbox this morning, nice), and applied to some jobs that i'd really like to get. however, i've been jobless for about 4 months now, so hopes are fading. but something's gotta be out there for me, and i know that.

i have this desperate need (or want, but mostly need) to move out of my house and live with my best friend again.. we have dreams of furnishing our apartment and tanning by our complex's pool and just being together. we talk about it all the time. so many of our greatest life events have happened while we were living together; i lived with her for about three years in college and we love each other to death. this is literally the last chance we have to do it and we really want to-- but that requires me getting a job pronto. it's my biggest prayer these days.

anyway.. the point of this post is that i've felt so discouraged today but the Lord knows what i want and need and He has a plan. and everything is possible with His guidance and mercy. it's my job to trust that and pray over it.

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Anonymous said...

My ghetto friend! I'm so glad that we got to hang out last week! We're getting better! So I have a new blog and I am going to be amazing at posting so you should check it out!

Love you!
-Ghetto Krista