Sunday, January 17, 2010

being a kid again

last night i babysat and stacie came with me since she was spending the night at my house. and it was AWESOME. we both had a crazy good time with the 5 year old.. he's so funny. we raced his HotWheels.. bowled (plus he did "slide bowling" which is where he sets up the pins against a wall and throws his body into them to knock them down and stacie gave him points).. played some game when he found his light up sword and we ran up and down the stairs to his bedroom a million times, shut ourselves in the dark, and he froze and unfroze us while he fought the bad guy.. played Spongebob Connect Four.. read a Winnie-the-Pooh book in the dark with his "magic" book light".. then it was bedtime. finally. haha then stace and i watched the ravens vs. colts until we left. but it was seriously fun to do kid stuff again! i highly recommend it.

today it's a raining sunday.. coffee and Gilmore Girls with stace is a must, then i'm heading over to my church to drop off supplies i bought for Haiti (we found a WorldVision plane that's flying there and we got connected to it). then i'm chilling out at home with my puppy and church tonight. i'm actually glad it's raining.. Sangria (my car) is getting washed.

enjoy the day!


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