Friday, December 11, 2009

today's the day..

i've been procrastinating with my job hunt. mostly, i've been waiting to hear back from a place i really want a job at. but no answer thus far. therefore, i've decided i should probably continue the search for a new profession.

the good news about having this time off is spending more time with my family and friends (especially around the holidays), having more time to focus on putting worship sets together for sundays, more time with the Lord, and realizing some things that i never would have realized had i not been out of a job. there are perks, yes. (sleeping in is also on the list.) but financial worries come with this just as much as the good.

so wish me luck today.. i'll be taking breaks to knit up a storm and finish some cute DIY christmas presents (pics after i've given them to their owners)!

oh, and a polaroid for the day..

what my puppy is doing at this very moment. :)


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