Sunday, December 6, 2009

new week, new playlist, new polaroids

Hey there. Yesterday's snow was so nice.. I stayed in, watched it from my bedroom window, drank tea, knitted. Then I had to leave my house this morning and oh joy.. six inches of snow on my car. Apparently my brain forgot that my car doesn't live in a garage. But luckily my dad scraped it off for me :)

So there's a new playlist up and before you yell at me for putting Lady Gaga and Kesha on it, I just want to say those two are only up because (1) I can't get Lady Gaga out of my head this week, and (2) Kesha is up because my friend Sarah and I listened to it randomly at her house, making fun of the video and she's in my heart this week. The rest are legit, I promise.

Here are some polaroids you have yet to see.. a few favorites.

This one isn't actually a polaroid, but it wouldn't turn out the way I wanted it to for some reason. This is, however, one of the most pretty pieces of chocolate I've ever eaten (yes, I ate it). There is a Godiva shop right by my old workplace, and for Halloween and Thanksgiving my boss was kind enough to give me and my team the cutest chocolate surprises. And I loved it. :)

This is my friend's jewelry collection, which I think is so pretty. She takes vintage finds and mixes them with new pieces, then throws some of her mom's old jewelry in there. She has very unique and awesome taste. I just liked the way it looked.

Since this post is turning out to be mostly about her, it's only fitting that this one goes into this particular post. This is my lovely Sarah, who owns the jewelry and laughs about Kesha's ridiculous music. I love her to death :)

And one more just because fall is over so I might as well post this one.

Enjoy the rest of Sunday and the new playlist! Hope you like it.


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