Sunday, December 27, 2009

hello, old friend.

Back again. Just been getting things together in my own head, and it's helped. Also, for the past week I have been fighting a nasty sinus infection-- I'd never had one of those before. It hasn't been fun. Praise the Lord for antibiotics.

Christmas was low key what with being crazy sick and all, but nice to spend some time with the family and not do much. After New Year's it'll be back to job hunting nonstop. Hope your holidays are going well! I have some Polaroids from Christmas to upload but my digital is being borrowed by a friend, so here is some of my old work that I've come across while searching for lost files. I like this stuff a lot-- they were done in my digital photography class in college:

My favorites are the rain on my deck and the "no smoking" one. Taking pictures is the best on a college campus, I might add. I'm big on attention to detail, I think it's so important and beautiful. When I get my point & shoot back, I'll probably start photographing things again..
and post them here :)

I'll blog after the New Year! Farewell 2009!


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