Tuesday, November 10, 2009

thank you, veteran's day

i have learned to greatly appreciate federal holidays. i have tomorrow off :)

soooo i have band practice twice this week in preparation for leading worship twice on sunday. the voice is not 100%.. it will be interesting.

this morning at work i had tea. then i promptly had coffee as soon as the tea was done. then i had a huge headache and popped an Advil. then i was HYPER. and typed about 1,000 words a minute.

i really want to find a polaroid photo album to keep all my precious instant photos in. that, or scrapbook them. i have yet to scrapbook anything, though my friends have made some impressive ones about our trip to Spain.

my puppy is just the most comforting thing in the world, even though she runs away from me a lot when i try to snuggle with her. however, she has a crazy ability to know when i'm upset and will always stay by my side.

last night i felt really unwell and decided it was from looking at a computer screen way too much. while that can't be avoided at work, i can avoid the website i spend way too much time on: Facebook. so for the week (and maybe longer, who knows) it's out of my life. need to talk to me? pick up the phone. :)

my iTunes is on shuffle but it keeps coming back to Death Cab. so glad my Mac has good taste.

here's a little Photo Booth gem for ya- peace.

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